Links Golf Courses in Finland

Links Golf Finland

Hell’s Bunker at the Vuosaari Golf Course in Helsinki, Finland

Links Golf is the original and best form of golf with golf courses near the ocean coast in hilly sandy areas with dunes, water traps, wind and other natural challenges.  Links Golf originated in Scotland where golf courses were built on otherwise “useless” coastal tracts of land by the sea that could not be used for agriculture or building homes. The word link comes from the old Scottish word “hlinc” meaning rising ground or ridge.  We now know that this type of land is priceless for its part in protecting the land, providing habitat to birds and other animals and preserving the environment. The links golf courses have unknowingly served the environment and been good for the earth.

In Finland the natural setting and terrain is perfect for exciting and challenging links golf courses. Finland is new to golf and there were few golf courses until the 1980s. It is not hard to find an excellent golf course in Finland now. Now there are over 100 and golf is played from May to September.  Finland’s terrain is home to many links golf courses.  Helsinki has such a golf course. Vuosaari, a links golf course in Helsinki has the type of rare structures such as Hell’s Bunker which pose a challenge to all who play that golf course.

Links golf courses also work well along lake shores where the similar land structure can pose an equal challenge.  These golf courses protect the natural beauty of the lakes and provide recreation for cottagers and others who enjoy them. Visit our Lake Land Links website for more information.  Whether you live near an ocean or fresh water lake there may be a golf course near you that has the links golf course qualities that are best for the sport.

Northern Lights and other Finland Sights

Aurora Borealis

A spectacular natural light show that is unforgettable

The Northern Lights are rarely seen by Canadians who mostly live in the south. Finland is one of the Nordic countries and is far enough north that almost everyone can see the Northern Lights regularly. There is something pure in the air of Finland especially when you are out of the city. The people of Finland have a spirit that’s incredibly vital and exciting. Although socially and economically it is in the vanguard of nations, parts of the country remain gloriously remote; with the trendsetting modern capital of Helsinki counterbalanced by vast forested wildernesses in the north and east, like Lemmenjoki National Park and Oulanka National Park. These wilds are perfect for treks among the pines and lakes in summer. And who’d have thought that so far north you could have such a summer? It’s a golden, sunny season when Finland bursts into life with an explosion of festivals, good cheer and optimism. It’s a time when the towns are buzzing, but it’s also a time to head for the lakelands of Mikkeliand Lappeeranta. Sit on the veranda of a waterside wooden cottage and watch the summer sun shining low over the trees, and you’ll have experienced one of Finland’s ultimate treats; a real Nordic peace that eases the soul. In the summer you will not see the Northern Lights.

Winter has a special charm here despite extreme cold and there is much to do in the form of winter sports.  Every type of skiing and more goes on for months, but how about chartering a team of dogs or a snowmobile and heading out on a trek across the snowy wastes, lit by a beautiful, pale, winter sun? Watch the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) after your wood-fired sauna and you’ll feel blessed by the universe. The Sámi, many of whom still make a living from the reindeer roaming the awesome Lapland expanses, once believed the northern lights to be the snow beaten from the tail of a giant fox spirit.

Finnish towns, too, have much to offer. Whether cosy wooden churches, avant-garde design, quirky museums or passionate Finnish rock music are your thing, you’ll find them in abundance, as well as cafés warm with the smell of baking cinnamon, and boisterous nightlife – the latter particularly in chic, cultural Helsinki

Best of all, Finland is full of Finns, who tend to do their own thing and are much the better for it. Independent, loyal, warm and welcoming – they are a memorable people in an inspirational country. When visiting Nordic countries be sure to include Finland in your travel plans.

Aurora Borealis Watercolor Painting

Artist’s view of the Northern Lights

Environmental Art from Environmental Damage

Environmental Art from Environmental Damage

Tree Mountain in Finland


Tree Mountain, a leading example of environmental art made from environmental damage, is a man made and artistically planned forested mountain in Finland. This major world environmental art treasure, is the result of a massive project of international co-operation to create a beautiful natural environment from environmental damage being the refuse of an open pit gravel mine. The mountain is 420 meters long, 270 meters wide and 28 meters high. It was built from what was an ugly scene of environmental damage, the Pinziö gravel pits near Ylöjärvi, Finland.  11,000 trees were planted in a uniquely designed mathematical pattern by 11,000 people from all over the world.

The idea of Tree Mountain was started in 1983 by an environmental art pioneer. Tree Mountain was the concept of Hungarian born, American artist Agnes Denes, a pioneer of both conceptual and environmental art The plan to create Tree Mountain was announced by the Finland Government at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro on June 5, 1992 which was Earth Environment Day.  The Finnish Ministry of the Environment co-sponsored Tree Mountain with the United Nations Environment Program. Tree Mountain was dedicated by the President of Finland on completion in 1996. The land of Tree Mountain is legally protected for 400 years.  It is anticipated that a forest will be there eventually as the trees continue to grow. This is a large success by environmental art undoing environmental damage. This work of environmental art is both a restoration of the environmental damage and a work of ecological art designed to benefit future generations.



Finland’s Airlines

Flying Over Finland

There are choices for flying over Finland

Internationally most people think of Finn-Air when thinking of Finland’s airlines and it is certainly the biggest.  Some well known international airlines co-brand their flights with Finn Air where Finn Air operates the flight.  Some of the international airlines which serve Finland are KLM, American, Lufthansa, Air Canada, British Air and Air France.  There are other smaller airlines operating in Finland. You do have choices and it depends on your needs, preferences and timing.  Our airline list includes a link from each airline’s name to a Wikipedia article about it. The airlines of Finland are:

Airline IATA ICAO Callsign Commenced
Air Åland N9 NVD NORVIND 2005
Air Finland OF FIF AIR FINLAND 2002
Finnair AY FIN FINNAIR 1923
Flybe Nordic 2011
Turku Air 1974
Wingo xprs 2007